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Statement: Partial closure of Hotel Convento la Magdalena and Hotel Antequera

The Convento la Magdalena hotel closes its doors and the Antequera Hotel provides the minimum service to lodged clients who cannot yet fly home.

After 18 years of history and being open 365 days a year 24 hours a day offering our clients all our services for organizing events, catering, leisure and accommodation, for the first time the Antequera Golf Group is forced to close the doors due to social responsibility against the coronavirus.

The doors of the 5-star Convento la Magdalena Hotel are already closed and the Antequera Hotel is partially open because there are still 200 people, mostly foreigners, who cannot fly home and to whom we are providing the minimum social responsibility services with our clients. , to whom we wish from the Antequera Golf Group to return to their homes as soon as possible. In response to the recommendations of the authorities, from the Antequera Golf Group we appeal to the responsibility that everyone stays at home until this crisis of COVID-19 passes, which is the safest place for everyone. That is why all the employees of our tourist resort are already in their homes, except for the minimum services that we owe to the guests who are still in our facilities without being able to fly to their destinations.

In addition, the hotels of the Antequera Golf Group do not take reservations for the coming weeks, since the health authorities have recommended not to travel and we want to comply with all the guidelines offered by the specialists so that this crisis ends as soon as possible and we can return to provide our Always quality to our customers as soon as possible.

Responsibility towards the tourism sector

From the Antequera Golf Group we are fulfilling our share of social responsibility with the temporary closure of our establishments, the attention to guests who cannot return to their homes yet, sending home the bulk of our staff and asking everyone to stay at home so that this crisis passes as soon as possible. That is why we also want to ask customers for their part of the commitment to the tourism sector by calling them to postpone their reservations and events instead of canceling them. The tourism sector is one of the most important for the country's economy and millions of workers and companies depend on it. The coronavirus crisis will pass and it is important to keep it afloat.


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